Staresso Discovery D-6 E - electric coffee grinder

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Brand: Staresso

The Staresso Discovery D-6 E electric coffee grinder with a built-in battery is made of high-quality materials and allows you to grind without being connected to the mains.

The length of grinding per charge depends on the grinding fineness setting and the type of coffee beans. The approximate operating time per charge is approx. 10-15 minutes of continuous grinding, but this is only a guideline. 

The grinder grinds for 6.5 seconds when started, which is equivalent to grinding 8g of coffee. It is not possible to grind with the grinder while it is charging.

A soft carrying case is also included.

Advantages of the Staresso Discovery D-6 E grinder

  • Electric power - thanks to the built-in battery and USB-C charging port, the grinder is always charged and ready for use.
  • Battery Charge indicator - always know how much battery life you have left.
  • Smooth grinding - thanks to the built-in bearings and advanced power transmission, grinding will be smooth, quiet and easy.
  • Swiss grinding mechanism - made of Swiss steel using innovative 5-axis CNC machine.
  • Premium materials - stainless steel body, Swiss steel sharpening mechanism, wooden handle.
  • 12 settings of ground thickness + position fixation - each setting has its own defined position, so you can always set the exact thickness.

Technical parameters:

  • built-in battery: 800 mAh
  • power connection: usb-c (cable included)
  • motor speed: 65 rpm
  • recommended charging adapter: 5V 1A (not included)
  • weight: 550 g, diameter: 60 mm, height: 180 mm.
  • charging time: 90 min.

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