Refillable ECO capsule for Tassimo - 180 ml

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Refillable capsule for Tassimo designed for the filtered coffee, instant drinks or tea. The capsule can be reused without restriction.

The base of the capsule consists of a solid plastic part, which has the same volume in the 60 ml and 180 ml versions, the only difference being the bar code. The height of the capsule is the same as the original milk capsule, so it will fit into any machine.

The lid is made of silicone. Two filters take care of the filtration, the filter in the lid is removable.

The barcode sets the amount of water to 180 ml.

Compatibility: all Tassimo capsule coffee machines, resp. capsules designed for t-disc. Including models: T-20 (T20), T-45 (T45), T-46 (T46), T-47 (T47), T-55 (55), T-65 (T65), and T-300 ( T300).

Dosage: 9.1 g coarsely ground coffee, instant drink or tea. Warning: do not exceed the specified coffee dosage.

The capsule is made of food grade plastic (BPA free). Packed in a cardboard box.


We offer two types of capsules (they differ only by barcode):

60 ml - espresso (buy here)

180 ml - filtered coffee, instant drinks or tea (buy here)


reusable capsules tassimo

How to choose the right coffee?

If you buy pre-ground coffee, choose the "Mokka" type. If you grind the coffee yourself, for a slightly bigger grind size than espresso, we recommend grinding the coffee beans with a grinder with ceramic grinding wheels, see picture.

Would you like to have a good coffee grinder?

Check out our "Mlynko" coffee grinder with ceramic grinding wheels and options to adjust the coffee grind size. 

Paper filters (optional)

We also offer a set of 100 paper filters for a perfect filtering out even the smallest coffee grains or for tea making. Making coffee using a filter gives you the possibility to achieve a richer crema. Buy filters here.

Prepare coffee like a professional barista

Tamper helps you to press the coffee into the capsule. With a Barista pen you can draw beautiful ornaments on the milk foam.

Frothy milk for cappuccino

Prepare a delicious milk foam for a capuccino using a handheld milk frother. Buy it here.

Maintain the quality of coffee 

Regular cleaning and descaling of the coffee machine helps to maintain the quality of your coffee. Check out the cleaning kit for capsule coffee machines.

Portable coffee machine

Would you like to enjoy a lovely espresso on the go? With the mechanical coffee machine - Wacaco Nanopresso you can prepare a cup of coffee even without electricity. You can find the coffee maker here.

Tassimo Basic set:

Tassimo Barista set:

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