Reusable capsule for Senseo®

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Brand: ECO capsules

With the help of this refillable ECO capsule, you will no longer be limited by the choice of coffee. In addition, the refillable capsule saves the environment and money.

Compatibility: Phillips Senseo®. 

The capsule is not limited to the number of uses. The capsule is made of stainless steel.

Packaging: 1x stainless steel capsule, 1x stainless steel filter, 1x stainless steel lid, 1x plastic spoon with a flat bottom for compressing coffee in the capsule, instructions for use.

How to use the Senseo® capsule:

  1. Fill the capsule with coffee.
  2. Press the coffee gently in the capsule.
  3. Close the capsule.
  4. Continue exactly as with the original capsule.
  5. Ready, set, go. Enjoy the coffee as you like it and save money :-)

Senseo® is registered trademark of the company Phillips. This is not the original product of the company Phillips.

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