Reusable ECO capsule for Illy® X7.1 X8, X9, Y1.1, Y5, Y3A

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32,90 €
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Brand: ECO capsules

Refillable, stainless steel capsule of the ECO capsule brand for Illy® type coffee machines.

Compatible with machines: Illy Francis X7.1, Illy Y3A, Illy X8, Illy, X9, Illy Y1.1, Illy Y5. Not compatible withIlly Y3.2 E&C, Illy X1, Illy X2, FrancisFrancis X2.1

This is the latest version of a stainless steel capsule with a sophisticated filtration system that produces a rich cream.

With this capsule, you can prepare coffee or another beverage of your choice. It also saves you money and the environment.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the capsule.

How to use the capsule:

  1. Fill the capsule with the coffee up to the top.
  2. Press the coffee gently.
  3. Close the lid.
  4. Insert the capsule into the coffee machine lever.
  5. Continue as with the original capsule.
  6. Done. Enjoy your coffee the way you like it and save :-)

Illy® is a registered trademark of the illycaffe S.p.A.. company.  It is not an original product of illycaffe S.p.A. company.

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