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Brand: PremiumLine

The Portafilter Holder will be appreciated by all baristas who want a comfortable and precise tamping without swinging the lever.

The holder is made up of a solid all-aluminium body. The height of the lever and the diameter of the lever can be adjusted using two interchangeable rings.

Suitable for diameters 51 - 58 mm. The package also includes a replaceable side plate, which is used to set the correct width of the lever.

Weight : 500g. Body material aluminum. Lever holder material : plastic. Height : 9.5 cm, outer diameter: 9 cm. Made in china. Lever compatibility : 51 - 58 mm.

Advantages of the Portafilter holder 4Barista

  • comfortable and precise tamping
  • high-quality all-aluminum design
  • adjustable height and diameter

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