Kit for filling Tassimo ® capsules

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New in our offer: Kit for filling single-useTassimo® capsules.

With this kit, you don't need any special tools or skills, simply create up to 6 pcs refillable capsules. The refillable capsules are not part of the kit.

kapsule tassimo

Kit contains: 1x plastic model for cut-out and funnel in one, 1x hand cutter, 6x rubber stopper, 6x plastic cover for keeping freshness, 1x adhesive barcodes to cut, 1x measuring cup and instructions for use.

Change the type of capsule to make the following drinks using only the self-adhesive barcodes: Standard coffee, French roast, Espresso or Earl Grey tea.

Packed in cardboard box. Made in USA.

How to do it:

  1. Place the used single-use capsule into the holder.
  2. Cut the hole for the rubber stopper in the holder itself by rotating it. The exact cut-out location can be found in the manual.
  3. Discard the cut-out part and rinse the capsule thoroughly.
  4. Place the funnel of the holder in the cut-out part and fill the capsule fully with coffee or other beverage.
  5. Block the slot with a rubber stopper.
  6. Optionally, cover the original barcode with the barcode from the enclosed sticker (depending on the type of drink you would like to prepare).
  7. Further, continue as if it was an original capsule.
  8. Done. Enjoy the coffee as you like it and save :-)

TIP: For easier cleansing of the capsule, two holes can be cut on the capsule instead one only. In this case, the kit will be sufficient to create three capsules.

kapsule illy

Which coffee to choose?

If you buy ground coffee, select the "Mokka". If you grind the coffee yourself, we recommend grinding with a grinder with ceramic grinding stones for a slightly greater thickness than espresso, see picture.

Would you like to have a good coffee grinder?

Check our coffee grinder "Mlynko", it has ceramic grinding stones and the option to adjust the grinding thickness.

Froth milk for cappuccino

Prepare a delicious milk foam for capuccino using a hand froth milk mixer. Buy it here.

Keep the coffee quality

Regular cleaning and descaling of the machine help. Check cleaning kit for capsule coffee machines.

Design coffee serving

Keep in mind also serving. In our offer, there are only coffee cups, which can be put directly into the coffee machine. Show coffee cups available.

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