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Prepare genuinely fresh coffee. With this hand coffee roaster, you can roast your fresh coffee any time exactly as you like it.

Roasting coffee with this type of roaster takes about 25 minutes, can take up to 200 g of coffee in one dose

Prepare genuinely fresh coffee. With this hand coffee roaster, you can roast your fresh coffee any time exactly as you like it.

Do you like bitter coffee? Roast for longer. Do you like sour coffee? Roast shorter. Experiment with the length of roasting to discover new tastes of coffee. Over time, you find the right roasting recipe that suits you best.

Home roasting coffee can also significantly save your money. 1 kg of green coffee can be bought from 7 €.

You can also roast almonds and smaller nuts with this roaster.

The coffee roaster works based on a liquid alcohol stove, which does not smoke when burned. Improved stainless steel drum with integrated propeller ensures equal roasting. With a triangular-shaped mesh, don’t worry anymore about losing coffee, as the holes are large enough for efficient roasting.

Maximum volume of roasted coffee: 200 - 250g, you can roast a smaller dose.

Material: stainless steel, handle: wood.

Packaging weight: 942g. Dimensions of the roaster including the handle (width x height x depth): 210 mm x 230 mm x 150 mm.

The roaster is delivered disassembled, including the English instruction manual.

How to roast the coffee:

1. Assemble the roaster as shown in the picture.

2. Fill the burner with alcohol and light the wick. Be cautious as this includes the work with open fire!

3. Add about 100 g of green coffee into the roaster drum, whichever brand you like.

4. Rotate the roaster drum evenly during roasting. After about 15 minutes, the coffee shells start to separate and the coffee becomes yellowish

5. After about 25 minutes the coffee will be roasted as “medium roast”, the next 5 minutes of roasting will make the coffee “dark roast”. Roasting times are approximate. The darker the coffee, the less acidic and more bitter.

6. When the roasting is finished, place the coffee for example on a baking tray and let it cool.

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