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Brand: Goat Story

Multifunctional, stylish, smart coffee machine for making specially filtered coffee and tea. This is the Gina coffee maker from the Slovenian manufacturer Goat story. Top design with luxurious materials.

With Gina you can prepare 3 types of coffee: pour over, immersion and cold drip. In addition to coffee, Gina also makes tea, especially tea that is sensitive to the length of the infusion.

Gina has a built-in 0.1g coffee scale and Bluetooth, so you can control it with a smartphone.

Gina's charm lies in its ability to precisely set the length of the brew, the amount of coffee and the amount of water.

This machine also pleases the eye: in 2018, it won the Red Dot

Design Award competition.

Mobile application available in English for Android and iOS. Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Weight: 2 kg. Dimensions: 34.5 x 16.3 x 13.5 cm.

Water jug capacity: 750 ml, ceramic funnel capacity: 300 ml. The package also includes an additional module for making coffee with cold water.

Made of high quality materials: heat-resistant glass, ceramic and stainless steel. Easy to clean.

Built-in 1000 mAh battery with a duration of 20 hours, 30 days in standby mode. Charging via micro-USB.

Two packs of paper filters are also included. The mobile phone in the picture is not included.

Video tutorials:

Coffee preparation by surprise technique (you will need: Gina, water at 92 ° C, freshly ground coffee and paper filters)

Brewing coffee (you will need: Gina, ceramic lid, water at 92 ° C, freshly ground coffee, teaspoon and paper filters)

Preparing coffee using the cold water extraction technique (you will need: Gina, ceramic lid, cold water extraction module, ice water, freshly ground coffee, small paper filters.)

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