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Prepare genuinely fresh coffee. With this ceramics hand coffee roaster, you can roast your fresh coffee any time exactly as you like it.

Roasting coffee with this type of roaster takes about 13 minutes, can take up to 30-50 g of coffee in one dose.

Do you like bitter coffee? Roast for longer. Do you like more acidic coffee? Roast shorter. Experiment with the length of roasting to discover new tastes of coffee. Over time, you find the right roasting recipe that suits you best.

Home roasting coffee can also significantly save your money. 1 kg of green coffee can be bought for less than 7€.

The volume of roasted coffee: 30 - 50g. Material: ceramics. Weight of roaster: 475. Length of a roaster: 27 cm. 

How to roast the coffee:

1. Prepare approximately 30 - 50 g of green coffee, whichever brand you like.

2. Preheat the roaster for about 1 - 2 minutes. We recommend holding the handle with a kitchen glove.

3. Put coffee beans in the preheated roaster, then roast in a circular motion over the heat source.

4. After about 2 minutes, the coffee starts to change color. After about 8 minutes, the coffee turns yellow and you will hear cracking sounds.  The entire roasting process takes about 13 minutes. Be careful not to burn the coffee. The darker the coffee, the less acidic and more bitter.

5. After the roasting is finished, get the coffee out through the hole in the handle, e.g., on a baking tray where the coffee should be adequately cooled down.

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