Coffea arabica - seeds

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Coffea arabica is a bush-like plant with dark green leaves that

prkávovníkoduces white, fragrant flowers and red fruits. These fruits are used to make coffee beans.

Grow your own coffee at home from the seeds of Coffea arabica. It is also possible to grow it as a plant at home.

The kit contains the real seeds of Coffea arabica; it is not a seedling.

How to grow the coffee?

The plant likes plenty of scattered light and the ideal temperature for cultivation is 22-25 degrees. The plant prefers a light, permeable substrate.

Water regularly, but not too much, as the roots are susceptible to rot.

Fertilise during the growing season, do not fertilise in winter and water less. In winter, the ideal temperature for growth is around 15 degrees, but it can also cope with lower temperatures, around 10 degrees.

The plant does not like windy places, nor does it like frost, which would damage it.

The coffee plant can be shaped in spring and summer.

The coffee plant is self-pollinating; you can help it with a cotton bud. The fruits are ready when they turn red.

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