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69,90 €
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The Cafflano Kompresso is a portable coffee maker for making filtered coffee on the move. It works on a similar principle to the Aeropress.

How it works: by pressing the plunger, the coffee is pressed through the filter.

The coffee maker is made from durable plastic and is BPA free. The portafilter is made of stainless steel. The kit also includes a plastic tamper with the Cafflano logo.

Packed in a box. PDF brochure with tips and tricks in English is available here.

The coffee maker can also be used to make cold brew coffee.   

The coffee maker is easy to clean and ecological. You do not need electricity or disposable filters to make coffee.

Dimensions: 10 x 18 cm, Weight: 178 g, Water content: 65 - 70 ml, Coffee content: 10 - 15 g. Pressure: 9 bar.

Looking for an espresso machine to go? We recommend the Wacaco Nanopresso with pressure up to 18 bar.


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