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The Cafflano Go-Brew is a portable coffee maker for making filtered coffee on the go.  

All the parts of the coffee maker are built into the plastic bottle, which can be folded into 4 parts: lid, dripper, holder and cup.

The kit contains 25 disposable paper filters. The coffeemaker can be used with filters such as Kalita 155 alebo Melitta 1x2 - usually available in shops.

The coffeemaker is made of hard plastic, without BPA.

The coffee maker is easy to clean and environmentally friendly. You do not need electricity to make coffee.

Packed in a box.

Colour option: red. Dimensions: 200 x 80 mm, Weight: 290 g, cup Capacity: 270 / 380 ml, Bottle content: 500 ml.

Colours availableblackred.

Looking for an espresso coffee maker to travel with? We recommend the Wacaco Nanopresso with pressure up to 18 bar.


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