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Portable coffee machine Cafflano Go-Brew prepares filtered coffee while traveling. 

All parts of the coffee machine are built-in in the plastic bottle that can be split into 4 parts: top lid, dripper, holder and cup.  

Kit contains 25 single-use paper filters. The coffee machine can be used with filters Kalita 155 or Melitta 1x2 – available, for example in Billa.

The coffee machine is made of durable plastic, of course, BPA-free.

The coffee machine is easy to be cleaned and is ecologic. To prepare the coffee you do not need the electricity.

Package – box included with Slovak user manual.

Colour: black. Dimensions: 200 x 80 mm, weight: 290g, cup: 270 / 380 ml, bottle content: 500 ml.

Available colors: black, red.

Looking for a portable espresso coffee machine? We recommend Wacaco Nanopresso with pressure up to 18 bars.


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