Cafelat Robot regular (creamy white)

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Cafelat Robot
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Brand: Cafelat Robot

The production of "Creamy White" version has been ended in 2021, similar to the "Polished" version. It will no longer be possible to purchase this model.

However, you will find all other colors in our offer: retro green, red, blue and a novelty - matte black (see below).

The Cafelat Robot coffee machine offers purely manual espresso making experience for real baristas. It allows you to prepare coffee shop quality coffee for an incomparably lower price than a professional "electric" coffee machine.

The robot is a small, high-quality hand coffee machine that prepares real espresso. It is made just from a few parts, without complicated electronics or plastics. It is made of premium materials, mostly stainless steel.


Cafelat robot Basic set:

Cafelat robot Barista set:

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