Barista towels from Cafelat (4 pcs)

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24,90 €
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Cafelat Robot
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Brand: Cafelat Robot

Cafelat microfibre cloths will give your coffee equipment a new shine. You can use them to perfectly clean polished or chromed surfaces. They leave no traces of water.

They are perfect, for example, for cleaning the Cafelat Robot coffee machine, steam nozzles or Bellman milk frothers.

The package contains 2 colours so that you can assign each colour to a specific activity. For example, grey for a milk frother and black for a portafilter. No more coffee grounds on the steam nozzle :).

Parameters of the Cafelat towels

  • dimensions: 30x30 cm
  • thickness: approx. 0.3 cm
  • packaging: 4 pcs
  • weight: approx. 150g
  • material: 20% Polyamide, 80% Polyester.

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