Ecotree Bamboo cutlery (7 parts) + bag

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9,90 €
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Brand: ecotree

Kit contains: bamboo knife, fork, spoon, sticks, bamboo and stainless steel straw, straw brush.

Take the kit with you when you travel in the cotton case to keep everything safe and clean. Choose from a variety of designs for your bag.

Length of sticks: 24 cm, length of cutlery: 19 cm, length of bamboo straw: 19,5 cm, length of stainless straw: 22 cm, weight of kit: 59 g, dimensions of bag: 6x25 cm.

Tips for perfect use:

  • do not let the cutlery dipped too long in the liquids,
  • after using and rinsing, let the cutlery dry properly.


Ecotree is a new brand of designer bamboo tableware. The products are designed in Slovakia and manufactured in China.

The manufacturer focuses on the production of bamboo products, employing many local workers and using locally grown plants - bamboo grows mainly in Asia.

Bamboo itself is seen as the green tree of the future. It grows quickly, filters greenhouse gases, prevents soil erosion and doesn't need much water or fertiliser.

Bamboo products are robust, although they are biodegradable. It is expected that bamboo products will gradually replace non-ecological products - plastic ones.

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